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Shimadzu(R) Drive Hub Solutions

Shimadzu(R) MobileDart Evolution(R) portable X-ray machines can develop a 'clunk' or 'jerk' in the drive system.  This condition can be heard or felt most noticeably during a turn or a change of direction.  This condition is caused by erosion of the splines on the hub that the drive wheel is attached too.  The splines will eventually fail completely rendering that drive motor ineffective for travel or steering. 

Until now the only option for repair was to purchase an entire drive motor assembly (Shimadzu PN: 511-77099-01) for ~$5500.  Sometime around April 2012 Shimadzu began using the "new" drive motor (PN: 511-77099-01) to replace the "old" drive motor (PN: 511-77099).  Since the new motor has a different brake torque than the old motor you must replace both motors at the same time as well as update the software.  Thus if you have the older motors and your hub is worn out (as in the black part in the picture below) you need to replace both motor assemblies as a set for around $11,000.  This quality replacement hub (silver part) is offered to you by Merganser LLC for less than half the cost of one motor.  Our replacement hub is machined from solid steel to make a stronger part than the original cast hub.  A new bearing is included and pressed into the hub before shipment.  For more information please email us at

This item is available for purchase in our eBay store.
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